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[AArch64] Optimize some simple TBZ/TBNZ cases.

Authored by gberry on Dec 21 2015, 1:57 PM.



Add some AArch64 dag combines to optimize some simple TBZ/TBNZ cases:

(tbz (and x, m), b) -> (tbz x, b)
(tbz (shl x, c), b) -> (tbz x, b-c)
(tbz (shr x, c), b) -> (tbz x, b+c)
(tbz (xor x, -1), b) -> (tbnz x, b)

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gberry updated this revision to Diff 43399.Dec 21 2015, 1:57 PM
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mcrosier added inline comments.Dec 22 2015, 6:29 AM
9528 ↗(On Diff #43399)

Please remove the extra curly brackets.

9534 ↗(On Diff #43399)

Mind adding a test that covers this case?

9543 ↗(On Diff #43399)

I don't think SRA is covered by a test. If so, please add one.

mcrosier added a subscriber: aadg.Dec 22 2015, 7:55 AM

Hi Geoff, looks good. :-)

I have some potentially silly questions inline, just curiosities.

9528 ↗(On Diff #43399)

Are there interesting cases where m[b]==0, so that you an elide the test and generate a direct branch? Or is that handled somewhere else in the compiler (please ignore if this would zap time to figure out, I'm only curious)

9540 ↗(On Diff #43399)

Same here, f we shl > Bits, then we know x[Bit] == 0.

gberry updated this revision to Diff 43474.Dec 22 2015, 1:09 PM

Add more tests and handle ashr testing sign bit case.

Chad, Charlie,

Thanks for the review. I believe I have addressed all of your concerns.

Charlie, as to your question about folding opportunities, I don't think those should occur (they should have already been optimized). I did a test run to detect if any of these cases show up and was unable to find a single occurrence. I did however hit a few instances of a missing case of a tbz of an ashr that was essentially testing the carried-in sign bit (see the test case test18 for an example). I added some new code to handle that case in the latest version of the change.

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