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[SimpleLoopUnswitch] Unswitch AND/OR conditions of selects

Authored by caojoshua on May 29 2023, 9:41 PM.



If a select's condition is a AND/OR, we can unswitch invariant operands.
This patch uses existing logic from unswitching AND/OR's for branch

This patch fixes the Cost computation for unswitching selects to have
the cost of the entire loop, since unswitching selects do not remove
branches. This is required for this patch because otherwise, there are
cases where unswitching selects of AND/OR is beating out unswitching of

This patch also prevents unswitching of logical AND/OR selects. This
should instead be done by unswitching of AND/OR branch conditions.

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nikic added inline comments.Jun 13 2023, 6:18 AM

I think we should also add a && !SI->getType()->isIntegerTy(1) check here to ensure this does not unswitch part of a logical and/or, as these should be handled by other code.


Hm, why do guards need to be handled the same ways as selects? Don't we effectively save the code dominated by the guard in one of the loops?

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  • don't change how we handle cost for guards
  • don't unswitch logical and/or selects
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caojoshua added inline comments.

Yes, I agree. End result in default O3 pipeline is the same, but we have more in pass simplifications if we use and/or branch unswitches.


Yes, that's a mistake. Only doing this for selects now.

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