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[lldb-mi] display summary for simple types + refactor (use lldb formatting for all cases)

Authored by evgeny777 on Oct 16 2015, 2:39 AM.



Current revision do not use lldb type summaries for simple types with no children (like function pointers). So this patch makes MI use lldb type summaries for evaluation of all types of objects, so MI own formatters are no longer needed.

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I would definitely not stop the revision for this but I wonder if it would make sense to try and discover whether "char" is signed or unsigned from the type itself?


Should you also cover "signed char" and "unsigned char" here?

evgeny777 added inline comments.Oct 16 2015, 10:33 AM

Hmm. I thought that if regex is false, exact match will be done, won't it? If yes than simple char type should be signed, right?

evgeny777 added inline comments.Oct 16 2015, 11:04 AM

To my understanding this is not needed (see comment below)


unsigned - not. signed -yes. One question: if I register summary for "char" - it will not be called for "unsigned char" and "signed char", right?
If so I will need adding "signed char" and no checks for signed/unsigned inside summary provider are required, correct?


I think the signedness of char depends on the implementation. Which means that "char" will cover one of them, but not the other. Which is why I was suggesting adding "char", "signed char" and "unsigned char". Just to cover all bases.


Correct. It will only be called for an exactly matching type name. We strip "useless" qualifiers like "volatile" and "restrict" before doing format matching. But, for obvious reasons, not signed and unsigned.

Well, if you add separate formatters for signed char vs. unsigned char, then they will know of course
The one for plain "char" might still need to figure it out though. Because given just "char", the signedness depends on the underlying compiler. I know internally we have support for this. If we don't in the SB API, we may need to add support. But that seems like it can be done in a subsequent revision.

abidh edited edge metadata.Oct 19 2015, 3:29 AM

Please also indicate if a revision is dependent on some other revisions that has not yet been committed as this one is on D13657.


As the condition is changed, can you explain a little bit in which scenario, you want to pass true/false here for first parameter.


Same as above.

evgeny777 added inline comments.Oct 19 2015, 4:05 AM

This is "get summary whenever possible, unless explicitly told otherwise".
For example this change of condition allows getting summary for function pointers (currently only hexadecimal pointer value is printed).

So false is only passed when character type is evaluated and m_bHandleCharType is false. I do not fully understand why this boolean flag exists - may be performance reasons?


In case one day someone create summary provider for some pointer type which is not char*, wchar_t* and related, it will be handled by MI correctly. The only exception is if we have char pointer and explicitly told not to handle char type

evgeny777 updated this revision to Diff 37733.Oct 19 2015, 4:08 AM
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Review updated to reflect Enrico comments regarding signed/unsigned char.
Now all character types are evaluated as ASCII code (signed or unsigned) + value.

Additional method introduced to SBValue to check if type is signed or unsigned integer


Greg pointed me to SBType::GetBasicType() - this will return to you one of


such that you don't need to add new API to get this information

Also, even if this were necessary, it would go on SBType, definitely not SBValue

evgeny777 added inline comments.Oct 19 2015, 12:07 PM

This method exists in ValueObject, so I thought it makes sense having it in SBValue also. But ok, let's use GetBasicType

evgeny777 updated this revision to Diff 37888.Oct 20 2015, 9:15 AM

Update according to suggestions from granata.enrico

abidh accepted this revision.Oct 20 2015, 10:23 AM
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Apart from some inline comments, looks ok to me.


Please change it to 'true' and 'false'.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 20 2015, 10:23 AM
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