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[libc++][ranges] Implement `ranges::is_heap{,_until}`.

Authored by var-const on Jul 25 2022, 10:03 PM.

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Use the actual patch number.

var-const updated this revision to Diff 447607.Jul 26 2022, 1:02 AM

Fix the CI and rebase.

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Almost LGTM thanks!


i think perhaps not to pass the comp_ref type explicitly since the __is_heap_until already takes it by reference?


for ranges that do model sized_range but their iter/sent pair do not model sized_sentinel_for, by doing this it lost its size information and possibly as a result the ranges::next call becomes linear whereas it could be constant. What do you think?


most other tests use a different type to test projection. perhaps it is a good idea to adopt the same approach, since having different types sound more realistic use case

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That is an interesting corner case, however that would also require the range's iterator to be a random_access_iterator but not a sized_sentinel_for<It, Sent>. That seems rather broken to me.

For example, imagine a null-terminated string where the iterators are random access (roughly char*), but comparing against the end sentinel checks whether *it == '\0'. If the range is a sized_range, it means that it also stores the size of the string. In a case like that, I can't imagine why one would implement the iterator and the sentinel as different types, because the size is known anyway so end() can be implemented as begin() + size() trivially.

If I'm not imaginative enough, please feel free to enlighten me, however if this is such a tiny corner case, perhaps it is not worth increasing the complexity of our implementation to handle it.

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huixie90 added inline comments.Jul 26 2022, 3:33 PM


auto v = std::ranges::iota_view(5, 7L);
using iter = std::ranges::iterator_t<decltype(v)>;
using sent = std::ranges::sentinel_t<decltype(v)>;

static_assert(!std::sized_sentinel_for<sent, iter>);

Yes it is a corner case and yes iota_view is weird. so I am happy to NAD this

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Address feedback and rebase.



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