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[Debug] Look through bitcasts to find argument registers

Authored by olista01 on Sep 21 2015, 2:16 AM.



On targets where f32 is not legal, we have to look through a BITCAST SDNode to find the register that an argument is stored in when emitting debug info, or we will not be able to emit a DW_AT_location for it.

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Looks plausible, but I haven't done much with the debug info location side of things - wouldn't mind a second opinion.

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Usually I run the llc and dwarfdump commands together, rather than using a temp file:

llc -o - | llvm-dwarfdump - | FileCheck

(plus all the other usual args)

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Do you need a use of 'p' for this test case, or just the argument 'p'? (do you need the arithmetic - or can you just "return p" (or sometimes I'll use a stub-function to ensure a use:

void f1(float);
void f2(float p) {

to make it clear that a use is necessary (& the call can't be optimized away) but it doesn't really matter what that use is))

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Simplified test

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This looks like a strict improvement.

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