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[MC] Skip lower-case integer suffixes

Authored by ksaunders on Jun 29 2022, 7:38 PM.



In the GNU assemblers, lower-cased integer suffices are permitted. However, in LLVM, it causes an error.

This is especially important when using the C pre-processor with the assembler: some shared code between C and assembler may use lower-cased suffices.

For example,

.global main
	mov x0, 1024u

Is permitted in AArch64 binutils 2.35.1. However with Clang it produces the following error:

<source>:3:14: error: unexpected token in argument list
        mov x0, 1024u

This patch addresses this issue.

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I do not have push permissions, so please push it on my behalf as Keegan Saunders <>. Thank you.

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