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[SCEV] Use umin_seq for BECount of multi-exit loops

Authored by nikic on May 4 2022, 2:31 AM.



When computing the BECount for multi-exit loops, we need to combine individual exit counts using umin_seq rather than umin. This is because an earlier exit may exit on the first iteration, in which case later exit expressions will not be evaluated and could be poisonous. We cannot propagate potential poison values from later exits.

In particular, this avoids the introduction of "branch on poison" UB when optimizing multi-exit loops.

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Worth noting that this gets InstCombined to length == 0 || tmp0 >= length -- we could further fold this to freeze(tmp0) >= length if we wanted.

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Rebase over regenerated checks.

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I wonder whether we wouldn't be better off lowering %x umin_seq %y to umin(%x, freeze %y) rather than %x == 0 ? 0 : umin(%x, %y). The latter is a more accurate representation (the former is a refinement), but it seems like in practice the former optimizes better. Especially if %x == 0 folds in some way, we have a hard time recovering from that.

For example, here's the diff between this patch and a umin(freeze) lowering for this test file:

nikic added inline comments.

I've put up to implement this. Ultimately I don't know how important this is either way.

Please rebase when you get a chance. Want to see what the revised test diffs look like.

Assuming they're not terrible, I'm planning to LGTM this. This is a active miscompile, and while we might need to revert if practical perf impacts are too terrible, my default is to fix the bug and only closely examine the perf if we have evidence we need to.


This definitely deserves a comment. :)

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Rebase over expansion change.

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LGTM, thanks! Might be good to wait another day with committing in case @reames has additional thoughts.

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LGTM for me as well. Sorry, I crossed this off my mental list as done, but apparently forgot to actually give the LGTM.

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