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We shouldn't need to pass -fno-strict-aliasing when building clang with clang.

Authored by beanz on Aug 14 2015, 10:39 AM.



The code comments in the Makefile indicate this was put in place to support issues when building clang with GCC. Today clang's strict aliasing works, so we shouldn't pass -fno-strict-aliasing when building with clang.

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Should have been calling $(CC) not cc in the makefile. Oops.

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This is fine, but would you mind moving it to the cmake and autoconf checks
respectively? Probably near the warning checks where we already check for

Have you tested this? I assume there are strict aliasing violations in
Clang/LLVM if we've had this turned on for a while.

(does strict aliasing still have the special case for enum type punning?
Becaues I've certainly seen (& fixed) that in a few places in Clang/LLVM)


I've run this through check-all with no issues.


I can move the makefile check to the autoconf check, but I think setting the flags should stay in the clang CMakeLists/Makefile otherwise it will change behavior. Today we only enable this flag for the clang subdirectory, not all of LLVM.


thakis added inline comments.
68 ↗(On Diff #32163)

The first of these is marked fixed, the second has a "works on trunk" comment (from 2010). Maybe this isn't needed with gcc anymore either?

beanz updated this revision to Diff 32349.Aug 17 2015, 3:53 PM
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  • Adapting to r245255 which exposes a variable in autoconf for which compiler you are building with.
  • Updated the CMake to be more CMake-y

Note: This has been tested by running a check on a stage2 clang built with asan and ubsan.

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Sure I guess. I'm still not sure why we can't do this in the configure side of things, but I don't really care that much for now.

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