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[X86] Remove __builtin_ia32_pmax/min intrinsics and use generic __builtin_elementwise_max/min

Authored by RKSimon on Jan 20 2022, 9:08 AM.



D111985 added the generic __builtin_elementwise_max and __builtin_elementwise_min intrinsics with the same integer behaviour as the SSE/AVX instructions

This patch removes the __builtin_ia32_pmax/min intrinsics and just uses __builtin_elementwise_max/min - the existing tests see no changes:

__m256i test_mm256_max_epu32(__m256i a, __m256i b) {
  // CHECK-LABEL: test_mm256_max_epu32
  // CHECK: call <8 x i32> @llvm.umax.v8i32(<8 x i32> %{{.*}}, <8 x i32> %{{.*}})
  return _mm256_max_epu32(a, b);

This requires us to add a __v64qs explicitly signed char vector type (we already have __v16qs and __v32qs).

Sibling patch to D117791

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Should we change the type here too? The same below.



I don't think so - __builtin_ia32_selectb_512 uses __v64qi everywhere else, and ignores signedness. It only matters inside the min/max builtins

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Thanks for the patch, it's great to see!

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