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[libc++] [ranges] Implement views::take, views::drop, ranges::equal. [WIP, needs tests]

Authored by ldionne on Dec 5 2021, 12:06 PM.


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This is just something I whipped up in order to get some example Ranges code compiling with Clang/libc++.
If someone wants to commandeer it to get the tests written faster, that's cool with me.
There are a total of 6 commits here: refactor, [alg.req], ranges::distance, view::take, view::drop, ranges::equal.

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I already have views::take, views::drop and views::join locally, with partial tests. I'll take a look at what you did and incorporate it in mine.

My bad for not publicizing that, I've been unable to resume work on those due to other stuff coming up.

philnik added inline comments.

What is the rationale behind this namespace? Is there some requirement?


Nit: remove line

See D116950 for std::ranges::drop.

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Abandoning since this has been superseded by a couple of newer reviews, like D125156.

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