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[clangd] Show hex value of numeric constants

Authored by sammccall on Mon, Feb 22, 2:06 PM.



Don't show negative numbers
Don't show numbers <10 (hex is the same as decimal)
Show numeric enum values in hex too

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sammccall created this revision.Mon, Feb 22, 2:06 PM
sammccall requested review of this revision.Mon, Feb 22, 2:06 PM
kadircet accepted this revision.Tue, Feb 23, 2:03 AM

thanks, lgtm!

should we also have some tests for a negative value in hover?


are we okay with printing negatives as hex in here? as in theory one can have

enum {
  foo = -1,
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Feb 23, 2:03 AM
sammccall updated this revision to Diff 325807.Tue, Feb 23, 8:55 AM

Add tests
Print negative values too, sign-extended to 32/64 bits

kadircet accepted this revision.Wed, Feb 24, 9:56 AM

still lgtm

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