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[RFC] Feature modularization for clangd
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Authored by sammccall on Feb 8 2021, 2:53 AM.
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This is related to the ideas in D96244, but a bit more expansive...

Core ideas:

  • the bulk of the features (though not everything) can be moved into modules, breaking up the Clangd[LSP]Server monoliths and allowing for out-of-tree features
  • group together the LSP, C++ bound-to-server API, and free-function APIs for features. We no longer separate the first two in simple cases.
  • allow modules to expose public C++ APIs, where we want to expose something richer than LSP


  • this demo just pulls out formatting, which won't uncover all issues.
  • Lit tests pass (so clangd works), but unit tests don't.
  • Passing DraftStore into ClangdServer is a hack, need a real solution.
  • I'm concerned whether richer C++ APIs will have a quite different style than the LSP-based ones. e.g. foo(Path, Position, Options) vs foo(FooParams).

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