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[IR] Define @llvm.ptrauth intrinsics.
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Authored by ab on Nov 5 2020, 10:47 AM.



This defines the core @llvm.ptrauth. intrinsics: sign, auth, strip, blend, sign_generic. This also adds a docs/ which goes into more detail; let me know if anything needs clarifying.

Most of the intrinsics are straightforward to define, except for blend which can be defined and implemented in various ways. To follow are straightforward codegen patches for sign, sign_generic, strip, and blend. auth and resign have a lot more complexity to them.

There are a couple open items for the long-term future. One would be to switch these to opaque pointer types instead of i64 (though i64 is really more accurate, and would hypothetically allow specialized usage on LP32 platforms, for instance).
Also, adding some more specific intrinsics might be useful for further hardening (e.g., an add-and-resign, or a way to check whether a pointer is correctly signed, without running into the llvm.ptrauth.auth UB and traps).
Finally, there are various cases where we need to treat an entire blend + sign/auth/resign sequence as a single operation, so we might want to embed the blend in all intrinsics (concretely, replacing the single i64 discriminators that the intrinsics take with a pair of i32 discriminator and i64 address discriminator - we already need to do that for the constants we use to express relocations).

For a high-level overview, see our llvm-dev RFC:, as well as the devmtg talk we did at the same time last year.
For concrete code that builds on this, see last year's staging PR in apple/llvm-project: (in particular, the higher level C/C++/Obj-C ABI usage is documented in the clang docs there). Though we've made changes downstream since then, the general concepts and added constructs are mostly identical.

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40 mslinux > Clang.CodeGen::lto-newpm-pipeline.c
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 3'; /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/bin/clang -cc1 -internal-isystem /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/lib/clang/12.0.0/include -nostdsysteminc -triple x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu -emit-llvm-bc -o /dev/null -fexperimental-new-pass-manager -fdebug-pass-manager -flto=full -O0 /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/clang/test/CodeGen/lto-newpm-pipeline.c 2>&1 | /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/bin/FileCheck /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/clang/test/CodeGen/lto-newpm-pipeline.c -check-prefix=CHECK-FULL-O0
430 mslinux > HWAddressSanitizer-x86_64.TestCases::sizes.cpp
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 3'; /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/./bin/clang --driver-mode=g++ -m64 -gline-tables-only -fsanitize=hwaddress -fuse-ld=lld -mcmodel=large -mllvm -hwasan-globals -mllvm -hwasan-use-short-granules -mllvm -hwasan-instrument-landing-pads=0 -mllvm -hwasan-instrument-personality-functions /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/compiler-rt/test/hwasan/TestCases/sizes.cpp -nostdlib++ -lstdc++ -o /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/projects/compiler-rt/test/hwasan/X86_64/TestCases/Output/sizes.cpp.tmp
710 mslinux > LLVM.Other::new-pass-manager.ll
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 8'; /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/bin/opt -disable-output -disable-verify -debug-pass-manager -passes=no-op-module /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/llvm/test/Other/new-pass-manager.ll 2>&1 | /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/bin/FileCheck /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/llvm/test/Other/new-pass-manager.ll --check-prefix=CHECK-MODULE-PASS
220 mswindows > Clang.APINotes::yaml-roundtrip.test
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; c:\ws\w64\llvm-project\premerge-checks\build\bin\apinotes-test.exe C:\ws\w64\llvm-project\premerge-checks\clang\test\APINotes/Inputs/Frameworks/Simple.framework/Headers/Simple.apinotes > C:\ws\w64\llvm-project\premerge-checks\build\tools\clang\test\APINotes\Output\yaml-roundtrip.test.tmp.result

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ab created this revision.Nov 5 2020, 10:47 AM
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danielkiss added inline comments.Nov 11 2020, 4:49 PM

I'd call this parameter discriminator, for me it would more intuitive than "extra data".
e.g. llvm.ptrauth.blend takes two discriminators and returns a new one that should go here.

also later we say:

// Sign an unauthenticated pointer using the specified key and discriminator,
// passed in that order.

Architecture call's it modifier because it kind a modifies the key.