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[Sema][C] members of anonymous struct inherit QualType

Authored by nickdesaulniers on Jan 25 2021, 4:20 PM.



When declaring an anonymous struct with const or volatile
qualifiers, ensure the members of that anonymous struct are created with
that qualifier.

GCC behaves this way, and WG14 is currently discussing this behavior.

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Maybe there's a way to have Context.getTypeDeclType return the qualified type here? (I couldn't find a way, but only looked today).

I know we don't have to deal with restrict because that qualifies a pointer (so there's no way to use it with an anonymous struct), but are there others? There's DeclSpec::TQ_unaligned (which has no corresponding qualifier in Qualifiers::TQ despite the comment about keeping them in sync). Similarly, what about:

struct S {
  _Atomic struct {
    int i;

void foo(void) {
  struct S s;
  s.i = 12; // Is this an atomic assignment?

Further, do we have to worry about things which are not type specifiers but still impact the declaration, like various type attributes?


This looks wrong to me -- I would have assumed the type would be const int and not int, which would match the behavior if the type was directly qualified:

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Sorry, that godbolt link appears to be malformed (missing unique link)?

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