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[LoopPredication] Optimize two exits case.

Authored by ebrevnov on Jan 30 2020, 5:29 AM.



Current implementation of loop exits optimization in LoopPredication uses minimum over all analyzable exits. For two exits case we don't actually need to take a minimum and can compare exit counts directly.

Legality: Currently for two exits case we generate if (P1) deopt, where P1:=(ec1 <= min(ec1, ec2)). Since "min(ec1, ec2) <= ec2" always holds thus if(P2) deopt, where P2:=(ec1 <= ec2) always holds if original condition holds. In other words transformed condition will always deopt if original deopted.

Profitability: If ec1<=ec2 then both P1 and P2 are true. If ec1 > ec2, then both P1 and P2 are false. That means that these two forms are identical.

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If I'm reading the description and code correctly, you're basically trying to avoid generating the construct "a == umin(a, b)" right? If so, what's the problem with generating that? I would expect other transform passes (such as instcombine) to very happily rip that apart into the component pieces. In fact, I see in instcombine the transform "foldICmpWithMinMax" which appears to do exactly that. Why isn't that sufficient?

In fact, I took the predicate-exits.ll test file, ran it through loop-pred and then instcombine, and I see exactly the simplification expected. This seems to result in the same form as your change, so why do we need the complexity here?

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It turned out that in the targeted case there is the following expression min(a,b) = min(min(a,c), b) where rhs min is reassociated. Due to this foldICmpWithMinMax can't handle it. I've uploaded a series of 3 patched for NaryReassociate (,, which converts that to min(a,b) = min(min(a,b), c). With that in place foldICmpWithMinMax does its job.