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Make not crash on Windows.

Authored by thakis on Jan 28 2015, 8:45 AM.


Summary isn't needed on Windows, but it's nice if asan has a unified UI on all platforms. So rather than have die on startup due to it importing modules that don't exist on Windows, let it peacefully early-exit.

While here, also fix the indent on the argument parsing code.

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act as cat on windows

Wouldn't it be better to do this in the Chromium-specific wrapper (src/tools/valgrind/

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I'd commit the formatting part separately.


Nit: spare comma?

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Note that we've moved away from using in LLVM, so it's mainly used in Chrome.
Do we really want to filter ASan Win reports through

I thought it's needed if your binary is sandboxed. If we can stop using in Chromium, I'm happy to do that instead.

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put this in SymbolizationLoop instead, so that clients using this as a module benefit from it too

I'll land the indent changes separately, removed that from this change.

Wouldn't it be better to do this in the Chromium-specific wrapper (src/tools/valgrind/

I moved it into SymbolizationLoop, so that the specific wrapper will do the right thing automatically.


err actually, I suppose I should copy stdin to stdout too


No, a traiilng comma in a print line makes print not add a \n. This is intentional because line already ends in a \n.

Yes, it's needed on Linux/OSX if your binary is sandboxed, but I don't understand why run it on Windows if you don't need it.

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r227326, thanks!