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[CriticalAntiDepBreaker] Teach the regmask clobber check to check if any subregister is preserved before considering the super register clobbered

Authored by craig.topper on Mon, Nov 25, 3:29 PM.



X86 has some calling conventions where bits 127:0 of a vector register are callee saved, but the upper bits aren't. Previously we could detect that the full ymm register was clobbered when the xmm portion was really preserved. This patch checks the subregisters to make sure they aren't preserved.

Fixes PR44140

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I think AggressiveAntiDepBreaker::HandleLastUse() is doing a similar check already, but it would be good if someone can confirm that.


Is it useful to make this logic available to everyone? If so, this becomes a 1-line patch that would call something like:

MachineOperand::clobbersPhysRegAndSubRegs(unsigned PhysReg,
                                          const TargetRegisterInfo &TRI) const {
  for (MCSubRegIterator SRI(PhysReg, &TRI, true); SRI.isValid(); ++SRI)
    if (!clobbersPhysReg(*SRI))
      return false;

  return true;

Even if that's not worth adding, it would be easier reading if we had something like that as a static or lambda in this pass.


Remove FIXME note.

Searching on earlier diffs leads to:
D18448 adding some more potential reviewers based on that.

Use a lambda

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