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[clang-format] fix regression recognizing casts in Obj-C calls

Authored by krasimir on Oct 18 2019, 5:51 AM.



r373922 added checks for a few tokens that, following an ) make it
unlikely that the ) is the closing paren of a cast expression. The
specific check for tok::l_square there introduced a regression for
casts of Obj-C calls, like:

(cast)[func arg]

From the tests added in r373922, I believe the tok::l_square case is added to
capture the case where a non-cast ) is directly followed by an
attribute specifier, like:

int f(int x) [[noreturn]];

I've specialized the code to look for such attribute specifier instead
of tok::l_square in general. Also, I added a regression test and moved
the test cases added in r373922 to an already existing place documenting
other instances of historically misidentified casts.

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LGTM, thanks for the patch

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I think the issue r373922 was fixing is only related to the delete. Can this check be move further up where we explicitly check if the token is the delete keyword?

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Sorry, I didn't notice this comment until now. I can investigate whether all the other cases for non-delete methods are already covered, it would be interesting. + @MyDeveloperDay, who might have better insights into this.

rC373922: [clang-format] [PR27004] omits leading space for noexcept when formatting… was to fix which wasn't just related to delete it occurred in other cases. (operator++) and there could be other cases i guess.

I think the check for delete above the code that was added was checking for delete being on the left i.e. delete() and delete(x) is not a cast (sorry I wasn't the author for that part, so might not be correct)

However, I appreciate this patch (or any patch for that matter) that strengthens our tests in this way.