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Mark 9 lldb unit tests for ubuntu as XFAIL
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Authored by DougSnyder on Nov 10 2014, 3:51 PM.



the following lldb unit tests fail check-lldb on ubuntu.

these unit test failures are for non-core functionality. the intent is to reduce the check-lldb FAILS to core functionality FAILS and then circle back later and fix these FAILS at a later date.

in these unit tests, various sub-tests have been decorated with @expectedFailureLinux if the sub-test was failing or @skipIfLinux if the sub-test was procedurally erroring-out after it passed

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I'm fine with disabling the ASan tests on Linux.

Siva, I think it would be super helpful if you could add comments to these
xfail/skips that describe the cause and/or recommended fix?

On linux, clang (and gcc ofcourse) links to libstdc++. So, the data formatters fail if the version of libstdc++ on the system is not the same as that supported by the data formatters. Look at this bug for more info: Comment #8 actually lists the combinations under which they fail/pass.

About TestInitializerList, I think it is a data formatter for initializer_list coming from libc++ and AFAICT, there is no formatter for the one coming from libstdc++.

About the tests which are not data formatter related but are being marked as XFAIL in this patch, the idea here is to start at a known green state for Ubuntu/Linux with respect to a core/basic debugger functionality. We will definitely revisit them and fix them (if they are not already done by somebody else). For example TestEvents and TestValueVarUpdate are related to Python API and should not be treated (IMO atleast) as core debugger functionality.

This attempts to make the ASan tests work on Linux.

Can this change go in?

I'm not seeing any objections. Please submit and we'll revert specific
teats as necessary.

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