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[TSan][libdispatch] Add RunLoop helper to ease porting tests

Authored by yln on Apr 5 2019, 11:24 AM.



Many existing libdispatch tests use CFRunLoop{Run,Stop} to setup the
test harness. Unfortunately, libdispatch only offers dispatch_main
which has no built-in functionality for stopping the run loop.

To emulate the Foundation behavior we schedule an "exit block" to the
main queue that exists when a flag is set. If the flag hasn't been set
yet, the block resubmits itself to to the queue.

I included one adapted example test to show how this would be used.
Let me know if you think this is a good approach and if it sufficiently retains
the original test semantics.

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See the inline notes. Is there no better approach?


Can we keep the print in main?


Can we somehow exit() from by returning from main instead? That would be much cleaner.


This keeps burning the CPU until we exit.

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We could pass a block that expresses "the rest of the program".

  fprintf(stderr, "Done.\n");

I looked at all usages of CFRunLoopRun and that's what the block would ever be used for. I agree that having a CHECK: Done. line that has no obvious source in the test is ugly, but in this case I would prefer it over the block alternative.
We could also make the check lines more explicit, e.g., CHECK: RunLoopShutdown.


I don't know how to do this. The main crux here is that dispatch_main never returns, and doesn't provide a built-in means to stop the run loop. Do you have a suggestion?


Yes, we could introduce a short sleep for cases where we are waiting on something (i.e., a timer).

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