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[AArch64] Fix fast-isel of cbz of i1, i8, i16

Authored by olista01 on Oct 23 2014, 7:04 AM.



This fixes a miscompilation in the AArch64 fast-isel which was triggered when a branch is based on an icmp with condition eq or ne, and type i1, i8 or i16. The cbz instruction compares the whole 32-bit register, so values with the bottom 1, 8 or 16 bits clear would cause the wrong branch to be taken.

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Hi Oliver,

This looks fine, just one very minor quibble.


BW < 32?

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Go ahead and commit if you want (with or without the suggestion, realistically).

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Hi Oliver,

thanks for catching this. I only have a minor comment inline.
It would be great if you also could optimize the i1 case by emitting a 'tbs' instead. Maybe in a separate commit?

Thanks and LGTM.



getValueType doesn't use kill flags - a simple 'true' will do here.


This case could be optimized to use tbz instead.

olista01 closed this revision.Oct 24 2014, 3:05 AM

Thanks, committed revision 220553 with both of your suggested changes.