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[ADT] Fix support for over-aligned pointers in PointerSumType
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Authored by eush on Oct 30 2018, 5:08 PM.



This fixes compilation error when the tag of PointerSumType is wider than an
int, which is the case when the payload has too many low bits available.

E.g. on x86-64 when the payload is 8 bit wide and the tag is 56 bit wide, GCC
reports the following error message:

include/llvm/ADT/PointerSumType.h:252:37: error: right operand of shift expression ‘(1 << 56)’ is >= than the precision of the left operand [-fpermissive]
     static_assert(MemberT::Tag < (1 << NumTagBits),

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eush created this revision.Oct 30 2018, 5:08 PM
eush updated this revision to Diff 171841.Oct 30 2018, 5:13 PM

Removed FIXME.

eush added inline comments.Oct 30 2018, 5:16 PM

This is formatted by clang-format and the indentation is a bit weird. A using declaration would be indented more nicely, but I sticked to typedef for consistency.