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Include llvm-config.h from Demangle/Compiler.h

Authored by andrew.w.kaylor on Oct 24 2018, 3:36 PM.



This fixes a problem that was exposed by the recently added ItaniumDemangleTest.cpp unittest.

The problem is that Demangle/Compiler.h checks LLVM_ENABLE_DUMP to see how it should define LLVM_DUMP_METHOD, but it doesn't include llvm-config.h so LLVM_ENABLE_DUMP is always undefined. If you have a build that defines LLVM_ENABLE_DUMP and NDEBUG, then Demangle/Compiler.h and Support/Compiler.h will define LLVM_DUMP_METHOD differently.

You can see this by configuring this way:


It isn't clear to me whether or not including llvm-config.h introduces a layering issue, hence the review for a one line change.

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FYI: this will be fixed by when that lands.

FYI: this will be fixed by when that lands.

In that case, nevermind. I can put a temporary fix in our local tree and wait for the refactoring. Thanks!

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