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[Inliner] Only remove functions with a COMDAT when it's safe to do so
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Authored by Aaron1011 on Oct 12 2018, 10:10 PM.



Currently, Inliner will sometimes delete functions in a COMDAT without checking to see if the COMDAT has any other members.
As described in, this is an invalid treatment of COMDAT members, and can lead to issues when using MD_Associated metadata.

I've modified Inliner to ensure that deletion of inlined functions in a COMDAT is always delayed until 'removeDeadFunctions', where the proper checks are performed.
Additionally, I've modified 'removeDeadFunctions' to always process functions with a COMDAT via 'filterDeadComdatFunctions', regardless of their linkage.

I've added a test case to check that the presence of other members in a COMDAT prevents Inliner from deleting a function.

While adding some extra LLVM_DEBUG prints, I found and fixed a bug with printing unnamed COMDATs. It's a one-line fix, so I didn't think it was worth moving into its own patch.

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Aaron1011 created this revision.Oct 12 2018, 10:10 PM

Hi Aron, I'm interested in reviewing this. Would you mind responding to my comments on first, as you have based the correctness of this on the correctness of that change?