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Allow the creation of human-friendly ASTDumper to arbitrary output stream

Authored by whisperity on Mar 30 2018, 8:57 AM.



ASTPrinter allows setting the ouput to any O-Stream, but that printer creates source-code-like syntax (and is also marked with a FIXME). The nice, colourful, mostly human-readable ASTDumper only works on the standard output, which is not feasible in case a user wants to see the AST of a file through a code navigation/comprehension tool.

This small addition of an overload solves generating a nice colourful AST block for the users of a tool I'm working on, CodeCompass, as opposed to having to duplicate the behaviour of definitions that only exist in the anonymous namespace of implementation TUs related to this module.

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whisperity created this revision.Mar 30 2018, 8:57 AM
alexfh accepted this revision.Apr 5 2018, 6:24 AM

Looks good to me. One optional comment.

39–41 ↗(On Diff #140437)

With just three users of the old API it might make sense to just add a parameter to it and update the callers instead of adding another override.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 5 2018, 6:24 AM
  • Overload removed, now only one CreateASTDumper function remains.
  • Updated the call sites of this function to use this call.
whisperity requested review of this revision.Apr 5 2018, 12:09 PM
whisperity marked an inline comment as done.

@alexfh I have updated the patch. I don't have commit rights, so if you think this is good to go, could you please commit for me?

alexfh added a comment.Apr 6 2018, 4:14 AM

Another couple of nits.

136 ↗(On Diff #141194)

Please add an argument comment for nullptr, e.g.

return clang::CreateASTDumper(/*OS=*/nullptr, ...);

or maybe

return clang::CreateASTDumper(nullptr /*dump to stderr*/, ...);

Same in the actual callers below.

38 ↗(On Diff #141194)

Add "When OS is nullptr, dumps AST to stderr."

whisperity edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Apr 6 2018, 4:22 AM
whisperity updated this revision to Diff 141309.Apr 6 2018, 4:27 AM

Added comments on what nullptr means at call sites.

whisperity marked 2 inline comments as done.Apr 6 2018, 4:28 AM

It is also std-out (llvm::outs()) in case of nullptr and not std-err.

alexfh accepted this revision.Apr 6 2018, 5:48 AM

LG. I'll commit the patch for you.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 6 2018, 5:48 AM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.