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Treat libclang_rt.* as normal library if the user uses --sysroot=
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Authored by trixirt on Mar 13 2018, 2:11 PM.



In cross compiling, one normally assumes that the user supplied sysroot contains all of the libraries needed in the link. And so the linker adjusts the -L paths to look in the sysroot.
However because libclang_rt.* is supplied at link time as a full path, the link can not find it in the sysroot.

This change will churn the user's current experience and the unit tests.
I will take take of the tests, if folks are ok with the change.

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trixirt created this revision.Mar 13 2018, 2:11 PM

Will it work on Windows? If sysroot is provided, Prefix is "-l", but I'm not sure that link.exe accepts "-l" notation.