Fix for PR32992. Static const classes not exported.

Authored by zahiraam on Tue, Feb 6, 7:33 AM.

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Maybe rename this to ReferenceDllExportedMembers now that it applies to variables as well.

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Let's move the MD part down until where it's used.

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The intendation looks off here. Can you run it through clang-format maybe? It would also be good with a comment explaining why the code is here.

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Does the 'const' really make a difference for whether the member should be exported?

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This test doesn't seem to have any "RUN" line, which means nothing actually gets tested.

Can you add a case to test/CodeGenCXX/dllexport.cpp instead?

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No it doesn't. I removed that condition.

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Thanks! Just a few more comments.

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Since VD is a class member, I think isDefinedOutsideFunctionOrMethod() is always true and not interesting to check.

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Can you move this check down where the class etc. are declared below? Maybe also add a comment explaining what it's testing and reference the bug number.

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No need for the semicolon in the empty function, here and below. The rest of the file doesn't use this style.

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Looks good to me. Do you have commit access or would you like me to commit it for you?

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Looks good to me. Do you have commit access or would you like me to commit it for you?

Please go ahead and to the commit.

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