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Extending CFGPrinter and CallPrinter with Heat Colors

Authored by rcorcs on Nov 23 2017, 2:25 PM.



Extends the CFGPrinter and CallPrinter with heat colors based on heuristics or profiling information.
The colors can be enabled for CFGPrinter by using the option -cfg-heat-colors for both -dot-cfg[-only] and -view-cfg[-only].
Similarly, the colors can be enabled for CallPrinter by using the option -callgraph-heat-colors for both -dot-callgraph and -view-callgraph.

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rcorcs created this revision.Nov 23 2017, 2:25 PM

Hi, interesting stuff, some thoughts on the differential itself:

  1. you did not set the repo. rLLVM should have been specified.
  2. you did not put llvm-commits as subscriber. there are talks about automating this, but if the repo is not specified, it could not even be auto-detected.
  3. please upload the diff with full context (-U999999).

Thus, you probably want to close this differential, and open a new one with those ^ three issues not present

rcorcs abandoned this revision.Nov 24 2017, 4:31 AM

Closed due to incorrect configuration.
Another revision will be opened with the correct configuration.