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[clang-format] Parse blocks in braced lists

Authored by strager on Nov 18 2017, 7:21 PM.



clang-format completely ruins the formatting of block literal
expressions which appear inside inside braced initializer lists. For

int main() {
      ^() {
        return nil;

Teach clang-format to parse blocks inside braced lists:

int main() {
  foo({^() {
    return nil;

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@djasper isn't available to review.

At a high level, this seems good, but I'd like @klimek to take a look.


Is it standard to return a value from these tryToParseFoo() methods, even if nobody uses it?

I think we should either check the return value somewhere, or make this return void.


Style: Remove curly braces for one-line if blocks.

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Isn't this only an Obj-C/Obj-C++ thing?
If it is, I'd call it tryToParseObjCBlockLiteral.

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