[TableGen] Allow intrinsics to have up to 8 return values.

Authored by tra on Fri, Oct 6, 9:37 AM.



The change is needed for my upcoming changes to NVPTX back-end that implement an intrinsic that has up to 8 output values.

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Is there a reason not to put these consecutive with struct5?

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Caution mostly. If enum has explicitly assigned values, I assume that someone somewhere relies on them being exactly those values and it's prudent to extend the range rather than change existing order.

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Fixed another place where we're checking the number of fields in a struct.

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Ugh. Make sure static array to keep per-field info is also sized properly.

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Replaced fixed-size array with SmallVector<>. One less place for making potential buffer overflow error when struct encoding changes.

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Looks good!

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