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Add an argumentsAre matcher
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Authored by fowles on Jan 3 2017, 3:36 PM.



Add an argumentsAre matcher

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You should also regenerate the HTML matcher documentation as part of this patch.


This is a neat matcher, but I'm not certain it will work with the dynamic matchers, which is an unfortunate divergence for clang-query.

Another concern is that this is leaking implementation details into ASTMatchers.h rather than keeping them in ASTMatchersInternal.h.


How does this matcher work in the presence of default arguments? e.g.,

void f(int a, int b = 12);

Will callExpr(argumentsAre(integerLiteral())) match?

A similar question applies for variadic functions and functions without a prototype (from C).

I suspect it all works fine, but some test cases would be nice.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jan 10 2017, 8:20 AM

Given that this can't be expressed as a dynamic matcher, I'm wondering what the use case is for the matcher. Do you have a specific need for this functionality, or do you see this being generally useful?

@jdennett wanted this matcher for something he is working on and I had some free cycles to write it up. Unfortunately, I am about to leave on an extended vacation, so I will not be able to follow up with this patch for 2 months at the earliest.

I suspect the best solution is for someone to take over this patch and work with James to clarify any corner cases.