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Extend documentation of how to test clang-tidy checks.

Authored by jdennett on Dec 30 2016, 6:27 PM.



The documentation assumed expertise with FileCheck; many clang-tidy check
authors may not have significant exposure to FileCheck, and so it's worth
spending a few more words here to spell things out.

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Awesome! Thank you for adding clarity to this part.

Looks good with a couple of nits.


Inline code snippets in rst should use double backquotes. I know, that's confusing, but it's what we have to deal with.


Put an underscore after FileCheck (as in line 549). This is a syntax for a named reference. See also

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I'm not sure the term "matcher tests" is used anywhere else in our documentation. And it doesn't seem obvious to me either (if it refers to AST matchers, then it's just an implementation detail of clang-tidy checks, if it refers to the check patterns, then it's not a commonly used term for those either). I don't know what would be a good short replacement, maybe "clang-tidy lit tests" or just "clang-tidy tests".

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Thanks for the review. I've address your comments, and will check over the (presumed-final) diff before submitting.


I went with clang-tidy tests. (The "matcher test" references are because I was thinking about some new matchers such as argumentsAre(arg1, ..., argn) at the same time, and didn't manage to do a complete context switch when working on these docs. Thanks for catching that.)

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Addressed review comments: double-backtick quoting, underscores for references
to FileCheck, and change "matcher tests" to "clang-tidy tests".

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Looks like you missed this line when changing to double backquotes.