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[Object/ELF] - Check index argument in getSymbol().

Authored by grimar on Oct 12 2016, 8:12 AM.



Without this check LLD crashes when SHT_GROUP section has invalid symbol index
because of next code:

template <class ELFT>
StringRef elf::ObjectFile<ELFT>::getShtGroupSignature(const Elf_Shdr &Sec) {
  const Elf_Sym *Sym = Obj.getSymbol(Symtab, Sec.sh_info);

If sh_info is too large, &Symbols[Index] just asserts.

No testcases provided because llvm-objdump/llvm-readelf does not use getSymbol() function.
Though if this be landed I will be happy to add testcase for lld showing the issue.

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Thanks, Rui !

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