Fix PR 10758: Infinite recursion when dealing with copy-initialization
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Authored by arphaman on Sep 28 2016, 3:47 PM.



This patch fixes a bug that's tracked by PR 10758 and duplicates like PR 30343.

The bug causes clang to crash with a stack overflow while recursing infinitely trying to perform copy-initialization on a type without a copy constructor but with a constructor that accepts another type that can be constructed using the original type. This example shows the structures and code that causes this behavior:

struct Bar;
struct Foo {
struct Bar {
  Bar(const Foo&);
Foo foo(const Bar &b) {
  return b;

The patch fixes this bug by detecting the recursive behavior and failing correctly with an appropriate error message. It also tries to provide a meaningful diagnostic note about the constructor which leads to this behavior, like in the example shown below:

foo.cpp:6:3: note: candidate constructor not viable: no known conversion from 'const Bar' to 'const Foo &' for 1st argument
  Bar(const Foo&);

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