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[mips] Tighten FastISel restrictions

Authored by sdardis on Aug 23 2016, 3:24 AM.



LLVM PR/29052 highlighted that FastISel for MIPS attempted to lower
arguments assuming that it was using the paired 32bit registers to
perform operations for f64. This mode of operation is not supported
for MIPSR6.

This patch resolves the reported issue by adding additional checks
for unsupported floating point unit configuration.

Thanks to mike.k for reporting this issue!

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For what its worth, this makes the clang enabled build of FreeBSD MIPS64 no longer require any of the fast-isel options that I have been using for the last few weeks.

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The code changes LGTM but the test case doesn't look like it is testing the right thing.


I'm not sure why we need this RUN test. I would expect a not llc -mattr=fp64 ... test in order to make sure that for 64bit FPU registers we don't follow the FastISel path.


This test case is covered by check-disabled-mcpus.ll as we don't support MIPS R6 for FastISel.

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Address review comments on test, fix a comment in test.

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Thanks! LGTM.

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Thanks, committed rL280706.