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[coroutines] Part 3 of N: Adding Boilerplate for Coroutine Passes

Authored by GorNishanov on Jul 27 2016, 12:37 AM.



This is the third patch in the coroutine series. It adds boilerplate code for all coroutine passes that do absolutely nothing and adds a small test to verify that passes execute in expected order or not at all if not enabled.

Documentation and overview is here:

Upstreaming sequence (rough plan)
1.Add documentation. (
2.Add coroutine intrinsics. (
3.Add empty coroutine passes. <= we are here
4.Add coroutine devirtualization + tests.
5.Add CGSCC restart trigger + tests.
6.Add coroutine heap elision + tests.
7.Add the rest of the logic (split into more patches)

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(tiny comment below just about factoring of patches)


FWIW, I think this is independent of the coroutines stuff, and I'd suggest splitting it out and sending it separately.

(And FWIW, I'm very much in favor of the general idea.)

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"Adding EP_CGSCCOptimizerLate extension point" extracted into its own patch:

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