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[clang-tidy] readability-identifier-naming - Support for Macros

Authored by JamesReynolds on Jun 6 2016, 7:24 AM.



Added support for macro definitions.

  1. Added a pre-processor callback to catch macro definitions
  2. Changed the type of the failure map so that macros and declarations can share the same map
  3. Added extra tests to ensure fix-ups work using the new map
  4. Added fix-ups for type aliases in variable and function declarations as part of adding the new tests

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It'll be good idea to mention improvement in docs/ReleaseNotes.rst.

Please close PR23198 after commit.

Thanks Eugene, I've added a comment into docs/ReleaseNotes.rst to say this is in. I'll create a BugZilla account to update PR.

I've also added a new test and code to create FixIts for uses of the Macros as well as the definitions themselves.

Eugene.Zelenko added inline comments.Jun 7 2016, 11:51 AM
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Please put this not in alphabetical order. I just fixed misleading order of misc-unconventional-assign-operator.

Changed the clang-tidy release notes addition to be in alphabetical order.

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I'm not sure the check currently refuses to fix stuff defined in headers. It probably relies on -header-filter to limit its scope. It's intrinsically dangerous (since we should see all translation units using the entity to correctly rename it), but we should let users do this, in case they know what to do.

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No need to mute -Wunused _this_ way. Just comment out parameter names in the declaration.

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Remove = SourceRange. Just SourceRange Range(...); is enough.

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Maybe just typedef?

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Delegating constructors don't work in VS2013, which LLVM should still support.

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Applied suggested code changes.

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Missed one modification in last update.

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I think I thought that this wouldn't get picked up by the specialization machinery - but you're right, a typedef works out fine! Maybe I was thinking of overloads...

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Looks good with a couple of nits.

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Please add trailing periods to comments. See also

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Fixed nits.

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Fixed this one too.

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Thanks! All fixed now. Could you land this for me please?

Thanks! All fixed now. Could you land this for me please?

Sure, will do. Thank you for working on this!

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