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Clang support for __is_assignable intrinsic

Authored by DaveBartolomeo on May 20 2016, 2:21 PM.



MSVC now supports the __is_assignable type trait intrinsic, to enable easier and more efficient implementation of the Standard Library's is_assignable trait. As of Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, the VC Standard Library implementation uses the new intrinsic unconditionally. We had already implemented this trait for Clang/C2, so we're upstreaming the change so that mainline Clang can handle the new intrinsic as well.

The implementation is pretty straightforward, due to the previously existing is_nothrow_assignable and is_trivially_assignable. We handle __is_assignable via the same code as the other two, except that we skip the extra checks for nothrow or triviality.

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Should this have a test in test/Lexer/has_feature_type_traits.cpp?

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