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[LNT] Adding initial support for javascript unit testing

Authored by kristof.beyls on May 11 2016, 6:01 AM.



This adds initial support for unit testing the javascript
functionality, by using the Jasmine javascript testing framework
( and the Jasmine-py
( package to drive the
regression tests from python.

In this change:

  • I added 2 simple javascript tests, see tests/spec/javascripts/profile_lnt_spec.js.
  • Added integration for running these tests with lit, see tests/ and tests/lit.cfg.
  • Adapted an interface in lnt_profile.js, to make it easier to unit test (It also makes the interface cleaner, independent of unit testing needs).
  • Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the jasmine pypi package: it installs fine with "pip install jasmine", but I get an error when trying to install it automatically when running "python ../lnt/ develop": ValueError: bad marshal data (unknown type code)

The main reasons for picking Jasmine, out of quite a few different alternatives for javascript testing frameworks are:

  • It seems to be one of the more popular and well-supported frameworks.
  • It can easily be installed using "pip install".
  • The jasmine-py package makes running the tests from python (e.g. lit) easy.

The tests are being run in a browser. When no browser is specified, a default one is used.
Probably, the most comfortable way to run these tests is to use the phantomjs head-less browser (
The lit command line to run all tests (python + javascript ones) then looks like:

llvm-lit -sv -Dbrowser=phantomjs lnt/tests

As is, this isn't ready to be committed. First, the problem with installing the jasmine pypi
package as part of 'python ../lnt/ develop' needs to be solved. I'm hoping to get
some review feedback on whether this looks like the right/a good direction for integrating
javascript testing into LNT's regression tests.

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I think this is a good approach.

I do get the ValueError: bad marshal data (unknown type code) on install as well.

I also note I don't get the error when using ipython as the interpreter. ipython is python 2.7.10 vs the 2.7.6 that is on my system.

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The issue with jasmine-py (bad marshall data) has been fixed in the latest 2.5.0 release, after having raised a bug for it:

Unfortunately, I'm encountering the following 2 defects in Selenium and phantomjs as installed on Ubuntu 16.04:

I'll need time to investigate these further to come to a conclusion on whether using jasmine-py, and it's dependencies like Selenium is a good route, or whether an approach where we rely on fewer third part libraries would be better.

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