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[Analyzer] Correct stack address escape diagnostic

Authored by FlameTop on May 3 2016, 7:00 AM.



Leaking a stack address via a static variable refers to it in the diagnostic as a 'global'. This patch corrects the diagnostic for static variables.

Patch by Phil Camp, SN Systems

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zaks.anna edited edge metadata.May 3 2016, 9:09 AM

Thanks for fixing!

Devin, what do you think about the BugType wording?


I don't like the '/' here. The only idea I have is to replace it with "into a variable with static allocation", which is also not ideal because it uses jargon.

dcoughlin added inline comments.May 6 2016, 5:24 PM

We have to be careful about changing the 'Name' parameter here. This is supposed to be stable, because we use it for issue hashing. Any change will cause the issue hash to change and stymie use of the issue hash for baselining/issue suppression.

I think we should probably not change it. It isn't user facing, so improving the text won't make a difference in user experience (although to does show up in plists as the "type" of the bug (via the "BugType" field in PathDiagnostic).


This string here is actually never used, so you should just remove it and use the constructor of BuiltinBug that doesn't take a description.


This is great!

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Thank you for your review. I have removed the changes to the bug description. Apologies, I did not realize it would alter the hash.

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Thank you for the acceptance.

May I please ask you to commit the change for me as I do not have commit access?


Phil Camp