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[PGO] clang cc1 option change to enable IR level instrumenation

Authored by xur on Feb 25 2016, 2:06 PM.



This patch expands cc1 option -fprofile-instrument= with three new values:
(1) -fprofile-instrument=llvm
This enables IR PGO instrumentation.
(2) -fprofile-instrument=llvm-use
This enables PGO use compilation using IR level profiles. The profile is specified by -fprofile-instrument-path= (cc1) option.
(3) -fprofile-instrument=clang-use
This enables PGO use compilation using clang profiles. This replaces current cc1 option -fprofile-instr-use=. The profile is specified by -fprofile-instrument-path= (cc1) option.

Some tests are modified due to the -fprofile-instr-use= option change.
A new test is added to test IR profile compilation.

Original discussion is in

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Thanks for splitting this out.

I think the -fprofile-instrument=llvm is straightforward and uncontroversial. Let's focus this review on that and split the others into a separate review.

But a quick preview of my thoughs about -fprofile-instrument={llvm,clang}-use:
I think that fully decoupling the cc1 options from the driver options like you are doing here is a good cleanup, but we need a more refined approach. For example, the current patch has "use" modes as mutually exclusive with the "gen" modes, which doesn't make sense. In fact, we have already seen a situation where we may want to have "use" and "gen" in the same clang invocation: for profile guided MST instr. And I don't see a reason to artificially prohibit FE "use" to annotate MD_prof metadata and then use that metadata for profile guided MST instr (however, it would be a strange workflow for users...).
Perhaps something like -fprofile-instrument-use={llvm,clang} which sets a CodeGenOpt ProfileUse which is either {None, Clang, LLVM}. We can use a common PGOInstrumentor enum for both, since there is a 1:1 mapping between the instrumentor and its corresponding "use" logic.
In the long run I imagine we will want two mirror options -fpgo-gen={none,llvm,clang} and -fpgo-use={none,llvm,clang}, but the details of renaming to the final state can wait until we clearly see the right design (this is cc1 so it is easy to refactor as needed later).

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Sean, Thanks for the review and suggestions.

Here is the patch that only adds -fprofile-instrument=llvm.

I'll have another patch using your suggestion on cc1 options for profile use compilation.

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Thanks. LGTM.

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