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Debloat some headers

Authored by ariccio on Feb 10 2016, 11:24 PM.



As discussed in "Code in headers" on llvm-dev, there are lots of headers with complex code in them. I've moved some complex constructors & destructors to implementation files, using Chromium's C++ Dos and Don'ts as a guide.

These changes are mostly in the Static Analyzer, as some files there take more than 30 seconds to compile.

On the mailing list, Chris Lattner said that we should measure how this affects the performance of the compiler generated by this code. Any idea how we do that?

Eh, Imma drop this patch. It turns out that there's not enough of an improvement here to justify the effort.

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What's complex about the SVal constructors?


I think previous discussions on the mail list have talked about only using emplace_back if the type isn't trivially copyable/moveable.

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I did this as a drive by "fix", I thought it was a tad bit simpler than explicitly calling make_pair. I can change it back if you'd like.

What's complex about the SVal constructors?

I arbitrarily figured that classes that are more than twice-derived (is there a better way to say that) are complex. I don't think there was any particularly good reason there.

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What the build time of clang before and after? (Your goal is to improve build time right?)

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