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clang-format: Add SpaceBeforeTemplateParameterList option

Authored by MyDeveloperDay on Nov 23 2015, 7:25 AM.



Adds an option to control whether a space is inserted between "template" and "<". Currently a space is always inserted (as the LLVM style requires), but to me this seems like the less popular option.

Looking at a few files from Mozilla and Chromium they seem to also skip the space. Should this option be disabled for their styles?

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This has come up before (read up on the list) and the decision is not to support it. In short, this is so un-important, that it is not worth a configuration option.

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This revision would require unit tests to proceed

Style guide suggesting enforcing a space after template keyword

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I suggest we make this an enumeration

enum {

Introducing this into a codebase means we need to select a suitable default, doing nothing would in my view be the best default and introducing anything new now will cause a tidal wave of changes on any existing formatted code base

LLVM alone it pretty much 50/50 on if they use a space or not

This I believe is covered by SpaceAfterTemplateKeyword which does the same thing

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