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[LLVMSymbolize] Move ModuleInfo into a separate class (SymbolizableModule).

Authored by samsonov on Oct 26 2015, 5:10 PM.



This is mostly NFC. It is a first step in cleaning up LLVMSymbolize
library. It removes "ModuleInfo" class which bundles together ObjectFile
and its debug info context in favor of:

  • abstract SymbolizableModule in public headers;
  • SymbolizableObjectFile subclass in implementation.

Additionally, SymbolizableObjectFile is now created via factory, so we
can properly detect object parsing error at this stage instead of keeping
the broken half-parsed object. As a next step, we would be able to
propagate the error all the way back to the library user.

Further improvements might include:

  • factoring out the logic of finding appropriate file with debug info for a given object file, and caching all parsed object files into a separate class [A].
  • factoring out DILineInfo rendering [B].

This would make what is now a heavyweight "LLVMSymbolizer" a relatively
straightforward class, that calls into [A] to turn filepath into a
SymbolizableModule, delegates actual symbolization to concrete SymbolizableModule
implementation, and lets [C] render the result.

Feel free to express any concerns regarding this plan, or suggest better

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Meta: Not a big fan of SymbolizableModule as a name. Especially as we're adding actual Modules with debug info it's going to get confusing. SymbolizableUnit maybe? *shrug*

Couple of inline comments, but otherwise it looks fine.


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Coding style nit.

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Could probably use some more comments here, also if there's a way to unindent a bit of this that'd be awesome.

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Thanks! What do you mean by "Modules with debug info"? :)

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