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Don't emit `-Wnullability-completeness` warnings on `weak` Objective-C properties.
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Authored by mwyman on Jun 16 2022, 11:12 PM.



Zeroing weak references are by definition nullable, and adding nonnull or _Nonnull yields a mutual-exclusivity error. However, when -Wnullability-completeness is enabled, in non-audited header regions it's necessary to add the nullable property keyword to avoid a warning. It should not be necessary to add code clutter to restate the nullability of a weak property even under -Wnullability-completeness.

Additionally, the fix-it hints are both non-idiomatic Objective-C (adding _Nullable to the property's pointer type rather than in the @property attributes) and suggest the option of adding _Nonnull (which would be an error).

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Adding Doug Gregor who appears to have created the original warning.