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Put profile variables of COMDAT functions to it's own COMDAT group

Authored by xur on Aug 21 2015, 11:44 AM.



In -fprofile-instr-generate compilation, to remove the redundant profile variables for the COMDAT functions, these variables are placed in the same COMDAT group as its associated function.
This way when the COMDAT function is not picked by the linker, those profile variables will also not be output in the final binary.

One problem here is that we lose the ability to link the objects built w and w/o -fprofile-instr-generate. The linker may choose one version of COMDAT that not expanded (i.e. not built with -fprofile-instr-generate). All the references to the variables
become dangling. The result binary will segfalut. If is used, we usually see a warning like:
foo.o:foo.bc:function __llvm_profile_register_functions: warning: relocation refers to discarded section

This patch puts the profile variables for COMDAT functions to its
own COMDAT group to avoid the problem.

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How about "var" --> "vars" to indicate the comdat section includes _counters, _data, _name ?

dnovillo edited edge metadata.Sep 11 2015, 7:17 AM

With David's suggestions and a test case, this LGTM.

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The new patch integrated David and Diego's comments.
I found that there is an existing test case that can test the new behavior. So I will not add a new test case.

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