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[Polly][NFC] Clean up Polly's getting started docs

Authored by InnovativeInventor on Oct 12 2021, 4:07 PM.



This patch removes the broken bash scipt ( and fixes the broken setup
instructions in get_started.html. It also adds instructions for using Ninja and
links to the LLVM getting started page.

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Thanks for the patch!

Could also add an example invocation on how to use Polly after compiling, such as bin/clang -O3 -mllvm -polly hello.c?

For consistency with the rest of the documentation (from the doc/), it would be nicer to have it generated with Sphinx, but I don't require it.


Ninja and CMake are not alternatives of each other. Your can build LLVM with either CMake and ninja (cmake -GNinja), CMake and make (cmake -G"Unix Makefiles"), or most other generators supported by CMake, such as XCode, Visual Studio.


I myself am using Visual Studio


Did you try this? How much disk space does it save?


This will create a debug build which may use a lot of memory to build and is slow. For starters, I'd recommend a Release+Assert build unless one starts using a debugger (or wants accurate line numbers in crash traces). I.e. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=ON.

What do you think?


Why this line again? Once configured with CMake, there is no need to configure again.


If we want to be generator-agnostic, we can also use cmake --build . --target check-polly

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Add Polly invocation instructions and resolve cmake/ninja confusion

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Oh, whoops. Just fixed this -- thanks for clarifiying!


It saves a non-trivial amount. A full clone takes about 3.2 GB, whereas a shallow clone takes about 1.5 GB (so ~53% reduction).


Sounds good -- just added it.

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You uploaded a diff to your previous diff. Please upload a diff to LLVM's top-of-tree.


Why remove the menu?


This is already out-of date. Latest release note is, but I don't think this is relevant for a getting_started.

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I added a proper diff (I think) and added back the mistakenly removed menu that I didn't intend to commit.

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LGTM. Thanks for the patch.

Would you like me to land the patch for you?

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Yes, thanks!

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Thanks for your contribution! I removed the [NFC] tag before committing since there isn't really behavioral change for documentation.