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[TSan][Darwin] Avoid crashes due to interpreting non-zero shadow content as a pointer

Authored by yln on Sep 22 2021, 5:52 AM.



We would like to use TLS to store the ThreadState object (or at least a
reference ot it), but on Darwin accessing TLS via __thread or manually
by using pthread_key_* is problematic, because there are several places
where interceptors are called when TLS is not accessible (early process
startup, thread cleanup, ...).

Previously, we used a "poor man's TLS" implementation, where we use the
shadow memory of the pointer returned by pthread_self() to store a
pointer to the ThreadState object.

The problem with that was that certain operations can populate shadow
bytes unbeknownst to TSan, and we later interpret these non-zero bytes
as the pointer to our ThreadState object and crash on when dereferencing
the pointer.

This patch changes the storage location of our reference to the
ThreadState object to "real" TLS. We make this work by artificially
keeping this reference alive in the pthread_key destructor by resetting
the key value with pthread_setspecific().

This change also fixes the issue were the ThreadState object is
re-allocated after DestroyThreadState() because intercepted functions
can still get called on the terminating thread after the

Radar-Id: rdar://problem/72010355

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Please rebase this on ade5023c54cffcbefe0557b5473d55b06e40809b or it will break the test again.

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Rebase and address review feedback.

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Yes and thank you for the quick review Dmitry! :)

Is there anything blocking this?
I need this for
That changes start re-setting shadow periodically which wipes ThreadState* pointer currently stored in the shadow:
(the current runtime can do the same if flush_memory_ms/memory_limit_mb flags are enabled, but somehow nobody noticed that)
If ThreadState* is stored as pthread specific, then it should resolve the issue as well.

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