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[libcxx][ranges] Add concepts in range.utility.helpers.

Authored by zoecarver on Jun 1 2021, 2:55 PM.



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LGTM % comments.


Nit: Please use _Ip not _Iter, for consistency.


Before this change: C++20 uses the name has-arrow for something complicated; libc++ uses __has_arrow for a subtly different thing. This is obviously awful and I'm glad you're changing it.
After this change: C++20 uses the name has-arrow; libc++ uses __has_arrow for the same thing; libc++ also uses __has_arrow_op for a subtly different thing. This is arguably a step in the right direction, but still awful, because now it subtly matters whether you say __has_arrow or __has_arrow_op.

I think the right thing to do here is actually eliminate __has_arrow_op altogether. We use it in only one place. It's no hardship to inline it on line 264:

template<class _Ip>
  requires (requires(_Ip& __i) { __i.operator->(); }) && (!__has_member_pointer<_Ip>)

As a drive-by, you might also rename __iterator_traits_member_pointer_or_arrow_or_void to simply __iterator_traits_member_pointer, for consistency with __iterator_traits_member_reference.


This surprises me, but I suppose it's because Incomplete* is not an input iterator, because ++it is ill-formed, because Incomplete is incomplete?

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As I think @tcanens remarked a few days ago: WG21 has an exposition-only concept not-same-as that is not the same thing as not same_as? That's just awful.
Due to its awfulness, I would suggest either giving this a scarier name, or dropping it altogether if humanly possible. (And/or filing a LWG issue, of course.)

If you keep this test, you should add

static_assert(!std::__not_same_as<int, int&>);
static_assert(!std::__not_same_as<int&, const int&>);
static_assert(!std::__not_same_as<int(&)(), int()>);
static_assert(std::__not_same_as<int(&)(), int(*)()>);

i.e., test some things where the ref-qualification is on the right-hand operand; and test some things where remove_cvref_t is visibly different from decay_t.


I suggest calling this WrongConstView or something, since if you ever saw this in real life it would be a bug.
Initially I thought SimpleView should be called Span (since it works like std::span), but that was when I was expecting the rest of the examples to be different positive examples (e.g. StringView) instead of negative examples.


I suggest you add a positive example OnlyConstView, with only friend const int* begin(const OnlyConstView&).
And then you can eliminate lines 40 and 42 from DifferentSentinel.

zoecarver added inline comments.Jun 1 2021, 4:01 PM
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I agree the name/concept is terrible. But it is widely used throughout the ranges library, so I think we're stuck with it for a little while.

Additionally, I think it's imperative that we continue to name exposition-only-concepts in a mechanical way: __exposition_only_concepts. This way we can easily lookup concepts, verify correctness, and prevent duplication.

I'll add those tests.

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This isn't a view. A view requires that T is movable (i.e., not const) and that we can do ranges::begin(declval<T&>()). Therefor, we need all four members.

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Address review comments.

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This type isn't necessary: test_iterators.h has a sentinel_wrapper vocabulary test type that we can use instead.

Quuxplusone added inline comments.Jun 1 2021, 4:54 PM

@zoecarver: I believe you've misunderstood. I'm asking that you add this test case:

struct OnlyConstView : std::ranges::view_base {
  friend int* begin(const OnlyConstView&);
  friend int* end(const OnlyConstView&);

And then modify DifferentSentinel as follows:

struct DifferentSentinel : std::ranges::view_base {
  friend int* begin(DifferentSentinel const&);
  friend sentinel_wrapper<int*> end(DifferentSentinel const&);
zoecarver added inline comments.Jun 2 2021, 9:15 AM

No, I understood you. Maybe the following snippet will help me explain what I'm trying to say:

struct OnlyConstView : std::ranges::view_base {
  friend int* begin(const OnlyConstView&);
  friend int* end(const OnlyConstView&);
static_assert( std::ranges::range<const OnlyConstView>);
static_assert(!std::ranges::view<const OnlyConstView>);
static_assert(!std::ranges::__simple_view<const OnlyConstView>);

Here, you can see that only const OnlyConstView is a range. This is because a range requires us to be able to do ranges::begin(declval<T&>()) (so T must be const). You'll also notice that in no case is this a view, because a view requires T to be movable, so it cannot be const. And __simple_view requires T to be a view, so this ins't a __simple_view either.

Quuxplusone added inline comments.

Ahhh. This is — the poison pill for ranges::begin is "bad" in the sense that begin(auto&) // poison-pill is a better-matching candidate than our actual ADL begin(const OnlyConstView&).
So the solution adopted in LWG3480 is to pass views by value, not by const reference — and arguably that's a more "classic STL" way to do it, anyway.
I'd replace this with:

struct ValueView : std::ranges::view_base {
  friend int* begin(ValueView);
  friend int* end(ValueView);
static_assert( std::ranges::range<ValueView>);
static_assert( std::ranges::range<const ValueView>);
static_assert( std::ranges::view<ValueView>);
static_assert(!std::ranges::view<const ValueView>);  // because const types are not assignable-to
static_assert( std::ranges::__simple_view<ValueView>);

However, if you think this is too far from the original intent of the test, I guess I'm ambivalent at this point. It basically depends on whether we think "pass views by value" is a good general rule.

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  • Fix versioning.
  • Use test::sentinel_wrapper.
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not-same-as has been editorially renamed to different-from:

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I'm going to do the rename and land.

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Woohoo 🙏

Thanks @tcanens (and others).

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