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[lldb] Fix that LLDB doesn't print NaN's sign on Darwin

Authored by teemperor on Thu, May 20, 7:50 AM.



It seems std::ostringstream ignores NaN signs on Darwin while it prints them on Linux. This causes
that LLDB behaves differently on those platforms which is both confusing for users and it also
means we have to deal with that in our tests.

This patch manually implements the NaN/Inf printing (which are apparently implementation defined)
to make LLDB print the same thing on all platforms. The only output difference in practice seems to
be that we now print negative NaNs as -nan, but this potentially also changes the output on other
systems I haven't tested this on.

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That's the wrong set of tests...

teemperor updated this revision to Diff 346744.Thu, May 20, 8:08 AM
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Seems like this could be part of the doxygen comment above?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, May 20, 8:16 PM

LGTM besides my minor comment on headers. Thanks for fixing this!


We are not explicitly including <cmath> for std::isnan we should replace math.h include. We should replace all the C header includes for C++ ones but that feels out of scope for this change.

LGTM besides my minor comment on headers. Thanks for fixing this!


We should explicitly include <limits>

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